Vol. 2, No. 3, 159-201, Sept. 2014

Editor: Joost Platje

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Vol. 2, No. 3, 163-178, Sept. 2014

Economic emigration by inhabitants of the city of Opole to other countries in the light of empirical research
Diana ROKITA-POSKART  Opole University of Technology, Poland


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Abstract: Issues related to labor migration are the subject of interest to both scientists and the general public. Despite many researches focused on the problem, many important questions still remain unanswered. One of them is the scale of international migration from the cities of a region with unprecedented scale and significance of economic migration – Opole Voivodeship. Taking this into consideration it was decided to survey the scale and form of emigration of inhabitants of the capital of the province – Opole. Research conducted in the city included a group of approx. 3,600 parents of primary school children. The results of this study helped to determine the scale of the phenomenon both permanent and temporary emigration, differences in the scale of emigration in the various districts of the city and the consequences of economic migration of parents to situations and behavior of their children.

Keywords: economic migration, Opole Voivodeship, the consequences of parent’s migration.

Vol. 2, No. 3, 179-187, Sept. 2014

A Definition of the Concept of Economic Effectiveness
Robert POSKART  Opole University, Poland


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Abstract: The concept of economic effectiveness has often been interpreted in an ambiguous manner. There is no clear definition of it in the literature. Individual authors place stress on different elements of this concept. There are also different measures of effectiveness. This article aims to make the concept of economic effectiveness more precise.

Keywords: Effectiveness, rationality, efficiency, productivity.

Vol. 2, No. 3, 189-197, Sept. 2014

Regional economic instability and the dynamics of economic growth
Anna BERNACIAK   Poznań University of Economics, Poland


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Abstract: This article has a theoretical character. It provides an overview of the most important publications and research outcomes regarding the relation between regional economic (in)stability and the dynamics of economic growth. As this field of research is relatively new, no systemized research methodology has been established yet. Hypotheses are tested with help of different tools. Often, the accessibility of statistical data on the proper level of aggregation limits empirical verification of theoretical assumptions. This paper aims to contribute to the formulation of further research concepts and empirical verification of hypotheses regarding regional (in)stability in Central and Eastern European countries.

Keywords: economic stability / instability, dynamics of economic growth, regional economy

Vol. 2, No. 3, 199-215, Sept. 2014

Development of bike share systems and their impact on the sustainability of urban transport. Case study of Opole Bike

Author: Paweł DRYNDA   LKW Walter Internationale Transportorganisation, Vienna, Austria.


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Abstract: In this article, the bike share system Opole Bike developed in the Polish city of Opole will be used as an example of the influence of bike sharing on the sustainability of urban transport. The system was implemented in this middle-sized city in 2012, and this article will provide some assessment.

Keywords: sustainable transport, bike share system, Poland